Data Diode Solutions

The Data Diode Product Line protects the integrity of a secure surveillance network by strictly enforcing a one-way-only flow of data from the secure network to the unsecured network. Within radar surveillance data networks, it is necessary to broadcast radar data from a protected network out onto an open, unprotected network. To fulfill this requirement without jeopardising the safety and integrity of the secure network assets from the threats of inbound cyber-attacks, it is necessary to prevent data and control communication from the low-security side of the network (the low side) from reaching the high-security side of the network (the high side). The Sunhillo Data Diode accomplishes this by implementing a 100% hardware-enforced security protocol that cannot be disabled or bypassed by any software means.

Sunhillo’s Data Diode product line includes a stand-alone unit and a module that can be inserted directly into the Brigantine SGP.


  • Connecting multiple networks with different security classifications

  • DOD secure networks

  • Industrial secure networks

  • Forwarding data to a public network