RF End to End, Modules, Systems & Recording

Unitronix specialise in the supply and support of COTS equipment for building RF systems.

RF End-to-End, Components, Modules, Boards, Boxes, Systems, covering HF to 110GHz.

We may not have absolutely everything that you need to develop and build your next generation RF system, but it will be close.

FORM: VPX boards (MOSA-SOSA), Systems (Ether to Ethernet), Modules & Components.

FIT: Radar, DRFM, Sonar, ELINT, SIGNT, ESM, Electronic Attack, DF & Recording.

FUNCTION: Specialist Antennas, Signal Conditioning, RF-Amplifiers-Switches-Distribution, Wave Guides, Up-Down Converters, Tuners, Digitisers, High Performance Computing, Data Acquisition Recorders-Playback and Re-Transmit plus EW Emulation.