Surveillance Data Solutions

Sunhillo’s core business for over 25 years is Surveillance Data Distribution & Conversion of mission-critical data. Sunhillo’s Radar Data Distribution & Conversion products are deployed across the US Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) National Airspace System (NAS) and to over 50 countries worldwide. These Surveillance products all run on SureLine® core software with a common GUI and advanced radar plug-ins. Sunhillo has developed multiple Surveillance data platforms to meet our customers needs whether they need a Serial to IP Conversion, or an IP only solution with a different ASTERIX protocol needed. Sunhillo is the trusted provide or Surveillance data solutions around the globe.

   Use Case Scenarios

  • Radar Data Distribution

  • Radar Protocol Conversion

  • Combine multiple dissimilar radar sources for surveillance display

  • Matrix Switch for multiple radar sources

  • Serial to IP, IP to Serial

The Power Behind Sunhillo’s Surveillance Products

SureLine® Software Suite is the backbone of Sunhillo Corporation’s surveillance gateway products (RICI, Longport, Brigantine SGP, Ventnor, and Margate II ADS-B) and is the same codebase that was historically referred to as “COTS”. It provides a wide range of functionality including conversion, translation and other transforms that allow for bridging dissimilar networks, analysing data and connecting surveillance sources to air-traffic automation systems.

SureLine Software is designed with an expandable layered architecture. The base layer on all SureLine products is “SureLine Core”. The proven architecture of SureLine Core and associated secure GUI allows easy configuration of complex data flows to route data between different frame formats and media. For applications that require custom integration, Core contains the MPS API connections. The MPS API connection provides a wide range of WAN radar protocols to a user developed application through the MPS development software kit.

Features can be added to the Core to open additional functionality. Basic features are included in our SureLine Tier 1 and 2 licenses while more advanced features can be added individually.

The Tier mechanism extends SureLine Core to include a wealth of radar format conversions, with more than 400 possible conversion combinations, ASTERIX validation, filtering capabilities and visualisations. Tier 1 and 2, support opens the door for other advanced features that can be loaded or licensed individually such as radar trackers, fusers and advanced MPS API protocols.

Through the web-enabled graphical user interface (GUI), SureLine Core offers a seamless user interface experience across all associated platforms reducing training requirements.

SureLine is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the ever-rising security bar. The security features built in to SureLine are derived from the ISO/IEC 15408 Common Criteria (CC) Network Device Protection Profile (NDPP).